My 30-Something Bucket List

Yesterday I turned 34 and realized: “Wow! I’m almost halfway through my 30’s!” I mean, technically, I’m only four full years down, but still. It really got me to thinking about the things I want to accomplish during this decade of my life. So, I give you my bucket list, or:

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30 Things I Want to Do While I’m Still in My 30’s

1. Get married

Check! Did that. And only about five months into my 30’s. My bucket list is well under way.

2. Have a child

Check! And he’s the coolest!

3. Have a second child

This number will remain in limbo for the time being. We had four cousins visit this weekend and I’m not so sure we want to add another kiddo to our happy, quiet home.

4. Gain a friend

I have friends. My two best friends live states away and I haven’t seen either of them in person in years. Regardless, I still count them as my best friends. But, wouldn’t it be nice to find that one person that gets you and can talk you in and out of purchases while shopping? Yes, I need that.

5. Reconnect with old friends

This means those two folks listed in #4. Being a Mom means being busy, constantly, but I need to find time to rekindle the friendships I’m allowing to dangle, if only to make sure they don’t fizzle out.

6. Stay healthy

I eat pretty healthy, except for that stack of Oreo’s I just put down. As I get older, though, I know that taking care of myself is going to get more important, so I better start now, before it’s too late.

This also includes going to the doctor for regular check-up’s. The earlier something is detected, the better. Add that to your bucket list, too!

7. Get (more) active

I work out, every now and then, when I have the time, and need to wash my hair anyway. I really need to increase this.

8. Get a style

I tried a capsule wardrobe. I tried Stitch Fix. What I really need is a professional to come clothe me every morning.

9. Read a bunch of books

I read a lot when #1 was first born. It kept my brain moving during late night bottle feedings, so I wouldn’t fall asleep. Reading aloud also helped #1 fall asleep. Since then, my Kindle has only been used for YouTube videos of Jurassic World bling bag dinosaurs. Can you recommend a good book?

10. Start a journal

I’ve done this off and on. I started one when I was pregnant, but hormonal rage ended with it being pitched in the garbage. I write a lot in this blog, but it’s not the same. I’d like my future generations to know a little more about me. And, I feel like I’ve forgotten so much already.

34 got here sooner than expected. This is my bucket list, or 30 things I'd like to accomplish while I'm still in my 30's.

11. Get my PhD

I have my Master’s degree and am doing zero with it. Why I would want my PhD is beyond me. But, I do. I view it as a great bucket list challenge. One that won’t get accomplished in my 30’s unless I start it soon. This would involve a move and a lot more student debt, too. But then, I’d be Dr. Mom of the Moment!

12. Learn a language

I was speaking middle school-level French with my nephew the other day and realized I remember a little more than I thought. Maybe it wouldn’t be so hard to pick it up again. I’ve also taken Spanish, so it’s just a matter of figuring out which one I’d like to dig deeper into.

13. Play an instrument

I’ve played the piano, flute, guitar and ukulele before. None very successfully, but I’ve played them. I’d really like to learn the violin. Or at least tackle that ukulele, once and for all.

14. Visit all 50 states

I’m not too far off. I’ve at least got the Eastern U.S. covered. Though, the Southwest needs a lot of tackling. Not to mention that elusive Alaska and Hawaii. Do I see a cross-country family road trip in our future?

15. Take a cruise

Okay, so really, I have no desire to accomplish this bucket list item. It terrifies me. I don’t mind boats nowadays. I’m great with canoes and kayaks, too. But, put me on a floating mall without a visible skyline and I doubt I’ll do very well. But, it’s one of those things. I feel like I have to do it. And, maybe if it’s Disney-themed, it’ll work well for me.

16. Travel abroad

Yes, I’m 34 and I haven’t left the country. Shame on me! I mean, I lived in Vermont and never even went to Canada! It’s definitely time to tackle the world. Hubs and I are eyeing London.

17. Take annual family vacations

This ties into the cross-country family road trip, cruise and traveling abroad. In our house, we love our family vacations and explorations! I can’t wait to see where our next adventure takes us! Where do you recommend?

18. Make family yearbooks

With all of our family photos being digital nowadays, it’s easy to lose track of them within the thousands of files on our computer. We do pretty well about updating the main family photos in our house about once a year, but there are so many more photos that don’t get any love.

A couple of years ago, I started putting together a family yearbook. It turned out great! It was all about 2014, when Hubs and I first met. Clearly, five years have passed since then, so I have some catching up to do.

19. Be an extra in a movie

So, maybe a Hallmark movie, but nonetheless. How fun would this be? If you’re going to dream, dream big, right? Does anyone have any connections out there?

20. Research my family history

I started to tackle this when I was much, much younger, but have since let it lapse. What with having gotten married, it makes me want to research Hubs’ side of the family, if only for #1’s sake.

21. Buy a new car

Ideally, I’d win one, but I’ll buy one if it means we can have four-doors. Right now, we own two, two-door cars. Not the greatest for a car seat, or a second child, if that happens.

22. Own a house

We have been renting all our lives. Our family nearly bought a house this time last year, but it didn’t work out. We are dying to get out of apartment living! We just have to choose a city to settle in first.

23. Build this brand

Mom of the Moment started out a few months ago as a blog, but since then, it’s developed into much more. It’s now a brand and I hope to build, and build, and build this brand until it’s well known among the Mom community. So, if you do nothing else for my birthday, please spread the word and tell your Mom friends. Thanks!

24. Publish a book

I’ve written a thesis and been published in countless newspaper articles. Back when those were a thing. But, I’d love to have an ISBN to call my own. Nerd alert! Whether it be a children’s book, fiction or self help, wouldn’t that be awesome?

25. Serve on a board

Okay, double nerd alert! In undergrad I concentrated in nonprofit management, which means I learned a lot about nonprofit boards. I would love to serve on one! I just haven’t decided what nonprofit I’m passionate enough about to approach. Any suggestions?

26. Start a business

Well, I’ve kind of already done that with this brand. I mean this in the since of selling something. Perhaps merchandise, printables, or an ebook, the true blogger way. Perhaps popsicles and sprinkles. I don’t know.

27. Sell that business

Money buys happiness. End of story. It does. How fantastic would it be to sell that business and see my family truly succeed? New house? Sure! New car? Take two! Annual family vacations? Of course!

28. Work for Disney

Did you hear that, Mickey? I want a job! With my background in parks and recreation and special events, I’m a shoe in! The only problem is, we don’t live in Florida. Maybe one day.

29. Make $100K per year

Wowzers, that’s a big number! But it ties into money buying happiness. Financial stability would be the best thing ever! And don’t worry, I’ll give back. I’ll be serving on a board, right?

30. Be happy

Let’s say none of this pans out. Six more years will pass and 40 will hit me. Let’s say I’m still sitting at this desk, typing on this computer.

Let’s be honest. That would suck. But, regardless of not having any of this bucket list yet, I am very happy!

I have a wonderful little family that truly brightens my day. And, we have enough money to get by, and then some. We take family vacations and explorations, we eat three well-balanced meals a day. We all have insurance. And to top it off, we’ve got cable and wifi!

Who could ask for more?

©2020 Mom of the Moment

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  1. Honestly, I love your list. I also love that you are unafraid to say having more money would make you happier. So many people say money does not buy happiness. Perhaps it doesn’t… It does help not to worry about how bills are getting paid and being able to do things most simply dream of and wish for.

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