What Our Wedding Was Missing

And Why You Should Check Out Basic Invite

I told you before how Hubs and I only spent $125 on our wedding. It was sweet and memorable and I got to marry the man I love. But, sometimes, I do wish we hadn’t gotten from point A to point B so quickly. There are certain things I wish our wedding had that we just didn’t get.

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Being the event planner I am, I would have loved the pomp and circumstance, the cake tastings, arguing with my wedding planner about creases in the linens (like I would hire a planner, ha!), and the invitations. Those glorious, physical representations that announce our love to the world.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Basic Invite, however the opinions are my own and 110% honest.

Wedding Invitations

You know what I’m talking about. I’m sure you’ve received at least one in the mail this year. The photos of two lovebirds ready to tie the knot and jump into their future. While we did take engagement photos, we didn’t print invitations. That may be due to the fact that I’m extremely indecisive when it comes to things like that.

I mean, wedding invitations are a big thing. All things wedding are. I didn’t want to have lackluster invitations. I wanted top notch, color-matched, beautiful works of art. And as a perfectionist, you know I needed to see the final product in all its glory before I agreed to print hundreds.

Basic Invite

Had I known about Basic Invite during the planning stages, we most definitely would have had some high quality, customized invitations. As a matter of fact, we would have gotten save the date’s, response cards, place cards, thank you cards, you name it! In finding Basic Invite, I literally found the gold mine (they print in rose gold, too) of customized, printed stationery.

They offer over 1,000 wedding suite invitation sets – you can even get menus printed! And all of the 1,000+ sets are gorgeous, pre-built designs that are completely customizable. You can change out the fonts, colors, positions, text, photos, what have you. But it’s nice to know their pre-built designs will do the hard work for you, if you don’t have an eye for design.

We may have forgone the pomp and circumstance, but we shouldn't have forgone the invitations. Find out how awesome they could be with Basic Invite.

Color Options

Speaking of colors, they have an almost unlimited selection. So if you picked some obscure shade of peach for your wedding (like I did), you know you can find it in Basic Invite’s selections. 

Plus, you can match your envelope to the set. Now, they don’t offer as many color choices for the envelopes, but just having that option really sets your invitation apart.

And the fact that their envelopes are all peel and seal, means you won’t have to relive that episode of Seinfeld where George’s fiance died from licking toxic envelopes. And since licking envelopes is just generally disgusting, you also won’t have to splurge on stickers, tape or even wax seals to close your invites.


As I mentioned earlier, my indecisive side really wanted to see a sample print of my invitations before I agreed to order up hundreds. Basic Invite allows you to do just that. Whatever design you create – no matter the number of designs you want to test out – you can print individual invitations (for a tiny fee) and have them mailed to you for review. It’s a fantastic way to make sure the colors match up perfectly, the wording is approved by all parties, and the general appearance is you.

After that, you can order invitations in quantities of 25, and the price per invitation is reduced as the quantity rises. That way, you’re not stuck ordering 250 invitations for a wedding where you’re only inviting 25 people.

Mailing Addresses

One of my favorite features Basic Invite offers is the free address collection service. I know for our holiday cards alone, I end up sending out countless Facebook messages and texts to round up everyone’s home addresses. I can’t imagine how many of those messages would have been sent for our wedding. But, Basic Invite has simplified that process, too!

All you have to do is share a link with your guests, your guests enter their address, Basic Invite prints the addresses directly on the envelopes before mailing them to you. You stuff, seal, stamp and send. Your work here is done!

Basic Invites that Wow!

So the mailing address option may have been a favorite feature, but my hands-down, favorite stationery design is their clear stationery. I mean, seriously, they are clear and oh, so cool! As soon as I got my hands on my sample I wanted to order every future stationery item I could possibly need, in clear.

No, these aren’t vellum, they aren’t printed on paper. They are printed on 15 mil. plastic and they are awesome! Even if you just order a sample to see what I’m talking about, you should!

You can also order business cards in clear, so those may be popping up for Mom of the Moment in the near future!

We may have forgone the pomp and circumstance, but we shouldn't have forgone the invitations. Find out how awesome they could be with Basic Invite.

That’s Not All

Wedding invitations and business cards aren’t all Basic Invite has to offer. You can also customize your own wedding website to match your stationery, or purchase a keepsake guest book for the big day.

Plus, they offer customizable coasters for your wedding. Perfect for that cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception.

With Basic Invite, you really can customize your entire wedding. It’s honestly a one-stop shop.

We may have forgone the pomp and circumstance, but we shouldn't have forgone the invitations. Find out how awesome they could be with Basic Invite.

Other Occasions

Now, if you’ve already hosted your big day, as many of you Mom’s have, that’s okay. Basic Invite offers up stationery for all occasions: holidays, birthdays, graduations, birth announcements, thank you cards and so much more!

Learn More About Basic Invite

To find out more about Basic Invite, check out their website or find them on social media: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter.

I can’t wait to start planning our vow renewal so I can get my clear invitations printed!

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8 thoughts on “What Our Wedding Was Missing

  1. Great post! Invitations are always stressful but basic invites seems to have made wedding invitation simple and easy. Thank you for sharing. I’m sure this can help a lot of people out there.

  2. I’m not planning on ever tying the knot. But if we change our mind I’m totally heading to this site. Those invites look ace!

  3. my husband and I too quickly tied the knot. Lol. I printed my own invitations on the computer and it was kind of a let’s just get this done kind of thing. We are coming up on our 20th anniversary (Praise God!) and this would be something I would definitely check out in the event of renewal.

  4. Basic Invite sound amazing! I’m not planning on getting married but I’d definitely look into them for business cards. And I’m so shocked at how much you spend, that’s incredible!

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