You Should Call in Sick


Many folks hold salaried positions that require them to work 40 hours a week, at a minimum. Some folks see those 40 hours and raise another 40, rarely, if ever, calling in sick.

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80 hours a week, for what? Even 40 hours a week, for what?

Sure, you love your job, and that’s fantastic, but I’m sure you love your family and yourself at least a little bit more.

That’s why I think you should call in sick.

Call In Sick

Yes, you heard me correctly.

Pick up the phone, ring your boss, fake some coughs, and call in sick.

Don’t claim to have some ailment that will keep you out for ages only to miraculously reappear the following day. And don’t blame your absence on anyone else, you don’t want that kind of karma.

Just call in sick.

Take a day just for you. For your family. With your family.

Better still, have the whole family call in sick!

Recruit the Fam

Call the school and tell them your child won’t be in due to illness. They’re not going to call your doctor for a single absence. And neither will your boss, for that matter.

Teach your children about quality of life with a white lie to your boss and a day filled with fun, memorable moments! Call in sick!

Do it Wisely

Next up, skip town.

Don’t go out gallivanting in your community on the off chance that you’re spotted by the wrong person and the cat gets out of the bag.

Drive. An hour, maybe more, and go somewhere grand!

Get off the grid and hit up an awesome state park for a hike and picnic, or even head to an amusement park for the day. (Make sure to wear sunscreen so your tan isn’t a giveaway tomorrow).

If you need activity suggestions, check out this post.

Teach your children about quality of life with a white lie to your boss and a day filled with fun, memorable moments! Call in sick!

Enjoy Yourself

Relax and unwind. Forget about your troubles and worries and enjoy the day. Treat yourself to something decadent and sweet. Indulge in a $10 frappuccino from Starbucks.

Laugh with your children.

And make sure your children see that family and quality of life is 1000x more important than work will ever be.

You might choose to skip over the whole fact that you lied to your boss and the school, and you might mention that your kids keep your adventurous day a secret.

Just take this day and enjoy it, while your children are still little. And do this once a year.

Maybe not on the same day every year, that might get suspicious.


Tomorrow will be here before you know it and you’ll be back at your desk. But today, today is for adventure and your family.

And, on the off chance your boss does find out what’s up, just give him my email address.

Teach your children about quality of life with a white lie to your boss and a day filled with fun, memorable moments! Call in sick!

Enjoy your day!

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14 thoughts on “You Should Call in Sick

  1. Love this!! I couldn’t agree more!! We are definitely a family that fully realizes You work to live NOT live to work. My bf calls in multiple times a year for us to have family days! Your job doesn’t care about you, your family cares about you!

    1. Sure, but that’s all your mindset and what your employer wants you to think. Many companies give you sick days as part of your benefits package. They’re there to be used, even if for self care or a mental health break.

  2. Mental health is important. I’ve just recently begun to utilize sick/vacation the way it should be. I’m 29. We should all think on that.

  3. It’s so necessary to put work in its proper place. Kids grow up at supersonic speed. Don’t want to miss it all in the name of work. This is an awesome post!

  4. I totally agree! Some people leave jobs never having used those sick days and only get partial reimbursement. I occasionally call off and pick the grandbaby up from school early.

  5. I love this! Everyone needs a personal day from time to time. Great workplaces provide them but until they all do calling in sick might be the next best thing! Great post 😊

  6. I love this! I don’t think people utilize this often enough. Especially when the stress gets overwhelming. Taking a personal day periodically should fall under the heading of self-care, and we should all make that a priority.

  7. I absolutely love this idea, and think it’s great to instill the idea of a good work-life balance early! I was always forced to go to school even when I was feeling quite ill, and although it’s resulted in me becoming an adult with a great work ethic, I’m less great at looking after my wellbeing and enjoying my leisure time. I mean, why not? It’s one day! Good for you for writing this, I mean it x

  8. I really REALLY like this post. Your employer have enough procedures and algorithms to see the people who take too much unexplained absence. One day won’t hurt. 🙂

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