Children’s Day

As you all know, Mother’s Day is in May. Father’s Day falls in June. And recently, #1, ever so astutely, asked when Children’s Day was. Well, he called it Kid’s Day.

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Is Every Day Children’s Day?

I first got to thinking ‘Ha! Every day is Children’s Day!

I mean, if you think about it, on Mother’s or Father’s Day, the respective parent typically gets a meal made for them and some sort of gift in recognition of their hard work.

My child gets every meal made for him daily; completes countless, fun activities and projects with me; naps on the regular; and I even wipe his butt for him! So, yes, perhaps Children’s Day is every day.

We have Mother's Day. We have Father's Day. What about Children's Day? Take a day and dedicate it to your child. They're worth it!

Why Isn’t There a Children’s Day?

But then I thought again. ‘Why isn’t there a Children’s Day?‘ I mean, we were all kids once and surely we hoped for the same. As a baby of the 80’s, I don’t recall ever having a day dedicated to me or my youth, besides my birthday.

So, I went to Google where I came across the National Children’s Day website. They’ve done all the historical research for us and have shown that the first mention of Children’s Day was actually in the 60’s. The 1860’s. Though it doesn’t seem much has come of it since then.

Except for a few towns in Illinois, Children’s Day isn’t celebrated in the United States. But, perhaps with a little more urging, the second Sunday in June (the date Illinois mayors have proclaimed) will become a national holiday.

Let’s Celebrate Anyway!

Until Children’s Day becomes a national holiday, our family will be celebrating on the third Sunday in July, to similarly coincide with the dates that Mother’s (second Sunday in May) and Father’s (third Sunday in June) Day fall on.

Okay, But Why?

Sure, a lot of people are going to say, ‘Hey, didn’t you read that first part? Isn’t every day Children’s Day?‘ And my response is going to be ‘So what?

My child is awesome, as I’m sure yours is. Why shouldn’t we celebrate them?

Honestly, I would not be who I am today without this goofy little guy hanging around all day, and I can’t imagine one second of my life without him. I’m going to do everything in my power so that he knows his parents love, admire, and respect him as an individual.

And if that means taking him to breakfast, making him a card full of affirmation, buying him a sweet treat and doing whatever fun activity he wants to do that day, then by golly, that’s what I’m going to do.

We have Mother's Day. We have Father's Day. What about Children's Day? Take a day and dedicate it to your child. They're worth it!

Celebrate Your Children!

And I think you should do it, too! Our kids are precious. And they are the future. If we, as Mom’s, raise them to be great people, chances are, that’s what they’ll turn out to be.

Yes, it may mean some sleepless nights for us, one too many loads of laundry, and a mean headache that just doesn’t want to break, but it will be worth it.

So celebrate your children! Give them a day, just like they honor you each year. It’s just one day.

  • Treat them to ice cream!
  • Buy them a toy!
  • Tell them how wonderful they truly are! Put it in writing so they always remember.
  • Snuggle and watch their favorite movie.
  • Go on an adventure of their choosing.

These simple activities are going to mean the world to your child. Start planning now, the Mom of the Moment version of “Children’s Day” falls on Sunday, July 21.

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12 thoughts on “Children’s Day

  1. This is such an interesting topic and idea. I absolutely thought the same when I first started reading that every day is children’s Day, but how wonderful would it be to celebrate your littles with them and give them recognition. I love this idea.

  2. What a great post! I had no idea children’s day was even a thing. It’s almost exactly 6 months from my sons birthday so it’s the perfect time to have another day of celebrating! Maybe give him the bbq most January babies end up wanting! Lol

  3. Very interesting post! I didn’t know there was such a thing as Children’s Day. I’m a young adult (21 this year!) and I can totally see myself celebrating Children’s Day with my friends by re-enacting our favourite childhood moments. I may be a little off since it’s about children, but since we don’t have any, we’ll just re-live those moments! People these days are always on technology, so maybe we should act like kids again and go out to the parks and have a picnic!

    Thank you for sharing this post, this may have just given me a great idea for my next friends outing!

  4. Aw! I think this is such a great idea. I hadn’t even considered a Children’s Day. Way to go Illinois for already celebrating! I will have to give this a try next year. Which is perfect, because she’ll be a bit older and will hopefully understand that it’s not like any other day.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. This is an interesting idea! I like it, but I imagine if it was a real holiday it would be hard to avoid it becoming over-commercialised. Lovely celebration to have just as a family though, and I bet super exciting for the kids 😊

  5. I fully considered a Children’s Day when I was a child. I told my mother there should be such a thing, and she responded, “Every day is Chidren’s Day.”

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