How to Cure the Disney Blues

You and your family have just had the most magical time at the happiest place on Earth. But, now, the suitcases are packed and you’re saying a tearful goodbye to the Disney resort’s front desk attendant as you trudge your way to the car, or shuttle, or airport.

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No matter how much time you spent in the parks, I’m sure you had a fantastic time and it’s one that won’t soon be forgotten. Though you may wish you could, because now, the hard part sets in: The Disney Blues.

We got home from our first Disney family trip last September, and though I didn’t believe it would happen, the Disney blues hit and they hit hard. Daily we talked about going back and the fun we had. Every morning we would wake up for work and wish we were at Disney.

I started looking for jobs at Disney World, and available housing in the area.

This was bad. Something had to be done.

So I did what any Mom of the Moment would do, I set out to relive the memories and wash those blues away.

Bring a Little Disney Home

One of the best ways to get over the Disney blues is by bringing a little Disney back with you. That could be treats, souvenirs, pictures, ornaments, what have you.

While the items from the bakery will only keep for so long, I hear that freezing the marshmallow treats works wonderfully. I picked up a box of Wonderland tea before leaving but have been so blue that I can’t bring myself to drink it.

Our trip shirts are getting faded and stretched from being worn and washed so many times.

Our 700+ pictures were winnowed to 200 and nestled snuggly in our Walt Disney World photo album.

And Mickey proudly swung from our Christmas tree through the entire month of December.

While I have managed to store away our ears, I never imagined that this vacation would leave such an impact on us.

You just left Disney and you miss the magic. You're not alone! We all go through it. Use these tips and tricks to ease the Disney blues.

Go Shopping

A little retail therapy never hurt anyone. Well, maybe that’s a lie. But, have you seen all the Disney-themed stuff available? Not to mention the Disney Store itself. Most of #1’s Christmas gifts came from there.

You should also check out Box Lunch. It’s a small, but up-and-coming store in larger cities that features various pop culture merchandise. I’d say about 1/3 of the store is dedicated to Disney and they have some really cute stuff!

Have Movie Nights

I’d say our house has a Disney movie playing at least once each and every day. Our DVR is full of basically nothing but Disney movies. If you’ve got the Disney blues, soothe those pangs with a little popcorn and Disney songs.

Host Sing-a-longs

Speaking of songs, I love to have karaoke nights, or just sing along to Alexa’s Pandora stream. Either way, belting your heart and vocal cords out to a little “Tale as Old as Time” can really help you shed those blues.

Make Waffles or “Totchos”

Since returning, I’ve become the proud owner of a Mickey-shaped waffle maker. It’s awesome! Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold a candle to the Mickey waffles at Disney World, but it will do.

I’ve also added “Totchos,” a Toy Story Land treat to our regular rotating menu. They are tater tots covered in chili, topped with corn chips, cheese and sour cream. Delicious! If you close your eyes you can almost hear Slinky Dog gliding by.

You just left Disney and you miss the magic. You're not alone! We all go through it. Use these tips and tricks to ease the Disney blues.

Now, I will say, I doubt I’ll ever be able to replicate some of the delicious foods I had at Disney World. I mean, Tusker House and 1900 Park Fare simply cannot be topped! But making a few of the simpler treats do wonders for curing the Disney blues.

Burn your Blues Away

I’m not suggesting you get all pyro on me, but I stumbled upon an awesome way to relive the experience: Enchanted City Candles. I don’t know how I came across this company but I ordered the Grand Floridian candle for Hubs for Christmas. It arrived in the mail quickly and I had to open it and smell for myself. It was spot on! I seriously thought I was back in the Grand Floridian. This pretty little thing has a center spot on our mantle and is only lit “for special guests,” according to Hubs.

You just left Disney and you miss the magic. You're not alone! We all go through it. Use these tips and tricks to ease the Disney blues.

Go Back!

Disney is an expensive trip and, for some, it’s a once in a lifetime experience. For us, it’s a “let’s go back when the tax return comes in” experience, because that’s exactly what we’re doing. #1 won’t turn 3 for a couple more months, so we figure we should capitalize on his free entry while we can.

This time I went through Magical Vacations Travel and could not be happier! They got us a great deal with so many more perks than we got by scheduling our last trip by ourselves.

By scheduling a follow-up trip I have eliminated the Disney blues entirely, because they’ve turned into Disney excitement!

Pardon me, while I go watch ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and schedule my FastPass+.

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