Cute Easter Crafts from Cardstock

(plus a few other items from around the house)

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If you’ve been following my previous posts you’ve probably come to figure out a few things about me:

  1. I hate spending money.
  2. I love repurposing.
  3. Decorating for holidays should be an Olympic sport.

That brings us to a few, simple, Easter decor ideas from a stack of cardstock (plus a couple other things from your craft stash).

Carrot Bunting

Now that our current apartment has a fireplace, I’m a sucker for holiday themed buntings to string across it. I thought about stringing some plastic Easter eggs, entertained the idea of bunnies (but swapped that out for a different project), and settled on these adorable, little carrots.

carrot bunting

Needed Supplies:

  • Orange cardstock
  • Green cardstock (varying shades or all one color)
  • Printer/ink
  • Scissors
  • Paper cutter (optional)
  • Tape
  • Yarn, string, twine, what have you
  • Coins, beans, etc. (to be used as a counterweight)

How to:

First, you’ll need to make copies of the template below. Click the gray button that says “download” to get a full page PDF.

carrot bunting template

(Remember, my templates are designed to print light gray, rather than black, crisp lines. This makes it so your cutting doesn’t have to be perfect.)

I printed four copies of the carrot page which made eight carrots, though I only hung seven. You’ll want to cut them out along the dotted lines. The solid lines are just there to give the carrots depth and character.

Next, stack up a few sheets of green cardstock (vary the shades of green if you like) and slice 8.5″ x 1/3″ strips. I used my paper cutter and it worked fantastically, not to mention quickly.

Get one here: Fiskars SureCut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer

Take about 10 of those green strips and fold them accordion-style to make them wavy. You could also choose to leave them straight, curl them up, or do any manner you would like to give your carrots character.

Spread the folded strips out slightly and tape them to the back of the carrot. Repeat this for each carrot.


String up yarn or ribbon across your fireplace, or desired location, to hang them. You’ll then want to tape each one onto the string. Make sure to space them out evenly, as well.

As I started taping carrots I realized they were quite top heavy and needed a counterweight. The first thing I found was a pile of pennies that hadn’t yet made it into #1’s piggy bank. I taped two pennies to the back of each carrot, right at the bottom point. It worked perfectly and I felt like MacGyver!

You could also use dried beans, washers, or whatever else you have lying around. (Warning: Make sure your little one’s won’t put whatever your counterweight is in their mouth, and if they might, use something non-toxic or edible.)

Finger-Painted Easter Eggs

finger painted Easter eggs

I’ve seen lots of relief painting ideas on Pinterest, but wanted to make this an easy craft for a busy mama. And what is more frustrating than perfectly lining up painter’s tape for an art project? Nothing. Absolutely nothing!

To keep you from having to do that, and to utilize our trusty cardstock, I decided to make a template for this craft. If you haven’t yet, click the gray “download” button to get your copy. (All three crafts will be on the PDF.)

Needed Supplies:

  • Light-colored cardstock
  • Printer/ink
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Finger paints

How to:

Once you’ve gotten it downloaded you can print a copy on any color of cardstock you’d like (though, a light color is ideal for cutting). Next, grab your scissors and cut out all the gray sections. You’ll be left with a template that eliminates the need for painter’s tape at perfect right angles.

finger painted Easter egg template and finger paints

Use scotch tape and adhere the template to a small canvas or another piece of cardstock. Make sure to roll little pieces of tape and tuck them under some of the zig-zag sections, too.

Now, if you’re kiddo is like mine, he loves to paint, and by paint I mean, dunk his fingers as far into the paint container as possible and glop it onto the paper. Well, I’ve figured out the solution to that:

Mom of the Moment Tip:

Take your finger paints and shake them well, then unscrew the caps. Each cap will have a small amount of paint in it from the shaking. Set those out to be used as the palette, rather than the entire paint bottle, and just refill as necessary. Much less messy! And definitely learned the hard way!

finger painted Easter eggs

Once your little Picasso is finished, let the artwork dry, remove the template and display their beautiful egg creations. You could even use dollar store frames and display these as a holiday art gallery in your main hallway or entryway.

mom tip

Bunny Luminaries

What’s Easter without sweet bunnies? In this case, bunny luminaries.

Needed Supplies:

  • Pastel cardstock (you could opt for bright colors, too)
  • Printer/ink
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Cotton Balls
  • Battery-operated tealight candles (optional)

You’ll find the template at the gray “download” button below.

How to:

Print as many bunnies as you’d like on pastel cardstock. Cut along the dotted lines only. Next, fold along the solid lines and form the bunnies into a triangle. Tape the small overlap at the bottom.

Next, roll little pieces of tape and use them to adhere the cotton balls to the bunny bottoms. You can then place the bunnies in a cute centerpiece display, or put battery-operated tealights inside for a slight glow at night.

This is probably the easiest one, but I think it’s super cute. You could also print the template at 50% size to make smaller bunnies, too.

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cute Easter crafts from cardstock

Hop to it

Get it? And make sure to share pictures of your projects in the comments below. I look forward to seeing them! Happy Easter!

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