100 Ways to Fill Your Fall With Fun!

Fall is full of activities for kids, and it seems there is always something going on in the community, until a dull afternoon comes and you’re stuck for an idea. You could fill the time with screen time, or you could implement one of the 100 activities available in my Fall Activity Guide.

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The Fall Activity Guide Breakdown

Similar to my Summer Activity Workbook, the Fall Activity Guide will fill your Fall with festive, fun activities for your kids!


The 100 activities are broken down into categories:

  • Adventure
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Cooking
  • Education
  • Media
  • Outdoors
  • Pretend Play

Supply List

Within the first few pages of the guide, you’ll find a complete list of necessary supplies. But, each activity also includes its own supply list.

Most of the necessary supplies you already have around your house, or can pick up for a few dollars at almost any store.

Plus, I include optional and alternative supplies, just in case.

Time Frames

This includes the time it takes to set-up, do the activity, and clean-up. Activities that include paint or glue include estimated dry times, too.

Now, the thing about time frames is that there is either never enough time to complete a project, or not enough project to fill all the available time. I get that! So, the Fall Activity Guide also includes:

Quick Tips

Simple tips to speed up whatever the activity is. This way, you can squeeze in something fun when you just don’t have the time or energy to do something fun.

Talking Points

These are simple questions to get the conversation going with your child and lengthen the activity time. These questions may spur additional ideas for your current activity, or even help you create new fall activities for your kids on your own.


Each activity includes written directions. And those that sound a little more complicated will be accompanied with visual directions, though none of the activities are complicated at all.

Templates & More!

The page immediately following each activity hosts those visual directions, or necessary templates. And if neither of those are needed, I’ve thrown in extra activities for your child.


The guide also includes calendars for September, October and November. Along with a page that lists every activity in its own square. Simply print these pages, cut out the activity squares and use tape to adhere the activity squares to the calendar. Using tape allows you to shuffle your activities as needed and doesn’t require that you stick to a specific schedule.

Oh, and did I mention that none of these activities relies on another? You can complete them in any order you’d like.

Gain Instant Access!

Plus, there’s no wait to get started on your activities! Simply click the ‘Shop Now’ button below to order and access your digital copy today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is this for?

This activity guide is geared toward 2- to 10-year-old’s and is extremely flexible. Implementing any of the quick tips will help keep the attention span of a toddler, while exploring the talking points with your 10-year-old will get them interested in learning more.

What’s included in the Fall Activity Guide?

So much! There’s 100 activities to fill 91 days of Fall. So, if one activity isn’t really doing it for you, switch it out with another. Or, if you’re stuck indoors on a dreary day, add in some extra fun with one of those extra activities.

The guide itself includes supply lists, time frames, calendars for scheduling activities, quick tips to speed up activities, talking points to lengthen activities, written directions, templates and more.

How much does it cost and where do I purchase it?

The Fall Activity Guide costs $9.99 and is available in my shop or from Etsy.

Can I just get part of it?

Sure! You can purchase the three-month seasonal guide for $9.99, or you can purchase an individual month for $4.99. These are also available in my shop or from Etsy.

The September Activity Guide includes 30 activities.

The October Activity Guide includes 31 activities.

The November Activity Guide includes 30 activities.

*Note: The monthly activity guides do not include a master supply list.

Do you have a printed copy?

While you’re free to print pages from the PDF/eBook, there is not yet a print copy available. However, it’s in the works! So, stay tuned!

What if I’m stumped on an activity or need clarification of the directions?

You can reach out to me via email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest and I’ll be happy to answer any and all questions!

Fill those dreary, windy days with Fall activities for your kids by purchasing your copy of the Fall Activity Guide, complete with 100 fun activities!

Have a Fantastic, Fun-Filled Fall!

I know you and your child will have a blast completing this Activity Guide! Please remember to share your fun with me – I’d love to see photos and finished projects! Share them to any of my social media sites.

Happy Fall!

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