Everything Dad Actually Wants for Father’s Day

I started my research for this post by asking Hubs what he would like for Father’s Day.

“Well, what did we get you for Mother’s Day?” he said.

If that’s how it works, he’ll be getting flowers, breakfast, and the most adorable homemade card from our 3yo.

While that’s not the worst idea, I’m pretty sure he’d prefer other things.

But he did spark a thought: “What did I recommend to get Mom’s for Mother’s Day?” I mean, I inundated you all with post upon post about Mother’s Day and love languages last month, so maybe that was the way to go.

If you missed those, you can catch up on them by clicking the links below:

Dad might come across as a tough guy, but deep down he's got a love language, too. Get the best Father's Day gift for Dad with these easy suggestions.

Dad has a Love Language, too.

As a matter of fact, it seems all too appropriate. Many times, Dad is overlooked as the emotionless male figure of the family, but perhaps maybe his heart isn’t three sizes too small. I mean, you didn’t marry the Grinch.

So, let’s talk Love Languages again, because if you haven’t taken the time to figure out yours and your husbands, I highly recommend you stop reading now, go here, and figure it out. And that’s saying something if I’m telling you to leave my website. But, promise you’ll come back, okay?

*Insert Jeopardy music here while you figure out your love languages*

Welcome back! I’m glad you took that time to find out your love languages. Knowing those will really alter the way your marriage, and even other relationships in your life, go.

Not to mention, it will make gift giving 1000x easier! So, let’s talk about that.

Gift Giving Suggestions

You’re going to want to utilize Hubs’ Love Language here. Which one did he identify with? Find it below for a quick, easy, inexpensive suggestion for a fantastic Father’s Day gift!

Words of Affirmation

Hidden Thank You Notes will brighten Dad’s day. Grab a stack of Post-It Notes and let your little one doodle over top of some handwritten notes. Tuck them in places Dad frequents, like his car, his bathroom drawer, his closet, the box of his favorite snacks. Every note he finds will bring a smile to his face.

Receiving Gifts

While this could be considered the easiest Love Language to gift give, it could also be the hardest. You’ve heard the phrase, “What do you get the man who has everything?”

One of my favorite gifts #1 has ever given Hubs was a hand-painted bowl from a pottery studio. It only took #1 and I about twenty minutes to paint the thing (I did a solid color over the whole bowl and let #1 paint scribbles and doodles on top of that color. He picked both colors, too.) and the studio did the rest (glazing, firing). A week later we picked it up and gifted it. Hubs and #1 would sit together at night and eat crackers from it – adorable!

Acts of Service

Have your child help clean Dad’s car. Whether that means busting out a bucket and sponge or taking it to a drive-thru wash. Just make sure to dispose of all the Starbucks cups and give the inside a nice vacuum. Maybe a little pine tree air freshener would be appreciated, too.

Quality Time

Hubs loves a good hike and lately we’ve started going on more as a family. Pull out a map or do some Google research and find a new trail for your family to tackle. Pack Dad’s favorite snacks and drinks for a treat along the way.

Physical Touch

There’s nothing sweeter than watching #1 asked to be held by Hubs. Maybe that’s all Dad needs for Father’s Day – time to snuggle before his baby gets too big. What a softy!

Dad might come across as a tough guy, but deep down he's got a love language, too. Get the best Father's Day gift for Dad with these easy suggestions.

Father’s Day

Whatever Love Language Dad has and whatever activity or gift you end up doing or giving, make sure the day is all about Dad. And make sure Dad knows how much he is loved. Your family wouldn’t be here without him.

Happy Father’s Day!

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6 thoughts on “Everything Dad Actually Wants for Father’s Day

  1. My dad always wants something very practical where as my husband is the total opposite. Still find buying for them tricky so making gifts is totally the way forward in our housr

  2. Great post! I think people struggle with Dad because our society has created this picture of the strong many who doesn’t tap into his emotions the same or feel things as deeply, but it’s far from true!

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