Haircuts at Home

How one YouTube video saved our family almost $400 a year!

Yes, you heard me correctly. I watched one YouTube video and easily retained $400 in our family’s bank account. All I had to do was start giving haircuts at home.

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I should start by admitting that I once cut a (now ex-) boyfriend’s hair and it turned out so bad that he had to shave his head. Yeah, that’s the confidence I was entering into this process with.

And, not only did I have one head of hair to cut, but I had two: Hubs and #1. The pressure was on.

Always Saving a Buck

Now, as you know, I’m always looking for ways to save money. And when I got to looking at our monthly finances, I realized that we weren’t accounting for the $32+ we were spending each month to get the boys’ haircut at Great Clips.

On occasion, we would have a coupon and the total would be about half that. Other times we’d catch them during their $6.99 haircut sale. Still, it was an expense I wanted to rid from the budget. Mainly because I never really accounted for it.

We Bought a Kit

So, we wound up at Walmart perusing the hair cutting kits one night. I knew I wanted to keep the cost of purchasing a hair cutting kit down, but I also knew I wanted one that was of good quality, came with a warranty, and all the tools I’d need to be a success.

I settled on a $13 set that included the shaver, four guards, scissors, a comb, a cleaning brush, cleaning oil, and a one-year warranty.

You can get a similar one by clicking here or clicking the image below. It’s the same brand I got, but comes with an extra comb and extra guards.

Learning How

I don’t have a background in cosmetology and I’m not going to teach you how to cut your families’ hair. But, I am going to share the exact video I watched to complete haircuts for Hubs and #1.

It helps that the men in our family prefer the military-style haircut, so I could test run the cut on #1 and then do the same for Hubs.

At worst, I’d have to shave their heads.

At best, I’d save our family almost $400 annually.

Hubs agreed it was worth the gamble.

Ready, Set, Go

After watching her video, I was feeling pretty confident. So I recommend just diving in right after watching.

I set up a folding chair in our bathroom that way I could easily sweep away the fallen hair after the cuts. A large binder clip held a towel in place as a salon cape and a squirt bottle filled with water was nearby. I even wielded a blue sucker – a necessary requirement for #1’s haircut.

I plugged in the clippers and they set to whirring and next thing you know, there was hair falling on the ground.

There was no turning back now.


Cutting their hair really wasn’t too difficult. I took my dear, sweet time, so they did sit for awhile, but I presume I’ll get faster with more practice.

Either way, they both ended up with haircuts. #1’s was cut first and basically my practice run. It kind of turned out like a bowl cut, so, naturally, after staring at it for a couple of days, I went back and fixed the fading.

Hubs hair, on the other hand, turned out pretty good on the first try. Plus, I was able to cut the top shorter than he would normally get it. Honestly, I think it looks better this way.

In the Future

I intend to continue cutting both their hair at home, at least until they want a different style. I’m sure I’ll get better with more practice, too.

So, for the cost of one haircut ($13), I’ve now managed to remove an almost $400 annual expense from our budget.

Now, while I don’t get my haircut regularly, and I dye it at home, I still don’t think I’ll be opting to let Hubs cut my layers any time soon. So that’s one expense I can’t yet rid from the annual budget.

You don't have to be a stylist to give basic haircuts at home and save your family hundreds each year! One simple YouTube video will show you the way.

What About You?

Have you tried giving haircuts at home? How did it turn out? Tell me in the comments.

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