After Christmas Clearance Savings & Sales

Everything that made it through the Christmas shopping season has an 80% off tag on it, and I’m using that to my benefit. Call it silly, to plan so far ahead, but holiday clearance is a super time- and money-saver for the next year. Not to mention, a great way to get my fix on Reese Christmas trees (because Santa Claus did not put enough in my stocking).

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Next Christmas

Sometimes, early prep is what you need to do to make it through the next Christmas season. And, by early, I mean 12 months ahead.

If your family runs like ours around the holidays, you’ll be exhausted and won’t have the energy to make multiple colors and consistencies of royal icing for piping and flooding, let alone plan the advent activities. Not without a few shortcuts, at least!

Enter after Christmas clearance sales!

Grab up everything for 90% off and pack it away in Rubbermaid containers until November. Plus, one of my favorite parts is unpacking those containers – it’s like Christmas in and of itself!

After Christmas clearance sales are a super time- and money-saver for next year. Be the Mom of the Moment by using that to your advantage!
Left to right: Lightbulb necklace: $1 (Walmart). Next year’s Christmas cards were $0.82 for a set of six – I bought three sets (Ollie’s). Sticker tags for gifts: $0.25 (Ollie’s). Larabar: $0.80 (Lowe’s Foods).

Other Holidays

After Christmas sales don’t end with Christmas decor and items only. It seems no coincidence that many smaller holidays have similar color palettes: Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, even Thanksgiving can work.

After Christmas clearance sales are a super time- and money-saver for next year. Be the Mom of the Moment by using that to your advantage!
Turkey craft and Thanksgiving bingo: $0.10 each! Thank you, Target!

You’ve also got green in Saint Patrick’s Day and you could probably get away with some Earth Day décor, if you really wanted to.

Now’s the time to use these primary colors to your advantage. Stock up on generic supplies in primary colors: plastic table cloths, paper plates, napkins, cups, plastic silverware, serving trays, balloons, tinsel, even cardstock.

On the flip side, when these other holiday clearance sales begin, stock up on their solids, too! They will help for Christmas and the other holidays as well.


All this primary color décor works great for birthday parties, too. And, as a mom, you and I both know, it’s all about the birthday party nowadays.

I’m sure you can find some solid colored goody bags for a mere nickel, just waiting to be filled. And don’t forget the Hanukkah décor if your munchkin is into blue.

On my after Christmas clearance sale hunting today I even came across 8-count blank cards and envelopes for $0.30! Yes, I’m the mom that makes my own birthday cards, party invitations and Christmas cards. $0.30 card sets are phenomenal! And as I type this, I’m wishing I had bought more.

Food Stuff

Candy, well that stuff keeps forever, or at least for a few months. If you can find some normal packaging – stuff that’s not covered in snowflakes and Christmas lightbulbs – you’ve got yourself a winner!

I also enjoy the seasonal baking mixes, like the box of pumpkin bread mix I still have in the cabinet from post-Thanksgiving holiday clearance. Which, I might add, will keep until June. Just about the time pumpkin spice hits shelves again, am I right?


Today, I found myself hunting through the kids clothing at Target. I was certain I could find some cute, festive t-shirts for next Christmas, or at least some Christmas jammies. I opted out of purchasing these though, because #1 grows like a weed. The 2.5-year-old is already in 5T. By next Christmas he’ll be in a boy’s medium, or something like that.

Now, if you have loads of kiddos to hand things down to, holiday clearance is once again, your game. Someone along the line will be able to fit into whatever cute outfits you find.

After Christmas Clearance Markdown Schedules

I know what you’re saying: who has time to hit up all these stores multiple times to get the good deals on after Christmas sales? Well, no one, really. So I did a little research on markdown schedules before I headed out.

It seems most major retailers mark things to:

  • 50% off on December 26, obviously.
  • By December 29, clearance prices are coming in at 70% off.
  • On January 1, the shelves will hit 90% off. If there’s anything left at that point.

I also made sure I wasn’t going just for the deals – I had other purchases to make, too. But, really, who needs an excuse to peruse Target?

I will say, not all stores follow the above guidelines. Obviously, local retailers will mark down their items a lot slower and may even put them back until next year.

Hobby Lobby, well they’ve been 50% off since September or so. Today, when other retailers hit the 70% mark, Hobby Lobby hit 80% off.

Michael’s has been at 70% off since two days after Christmas. And their staff say they won’t be going lower than 80% and it will take weeks to get there.

Target was anywhere from 30-70% off today.

The only place I’ve stumbled upon that keeps holiday clearance stock longer than others and marks it to 90% off for quite some time is Big Lots. If you wind up in Big Lots in the next couple of weeks, take a peek at their back end caps and see what treasures you find.

After Christmas clearance sales are a super time- and money-saver for next year. Be the Mom of the Moment by using that to your advantage!
More Target goodies! Left to right: Glitter frame: $0.30, tiny light set: $0.30, curling ribbon: $0.25 (Walmart), Santa key: $0.80, advent stickers: $0.10.

Holiday Clearance Online Sales

I tend not to be on the up and up of online after Christmas clearance sales, unless I need something specific. But I do usually get sucked into the Old Navy and Carter’s emails about after Christmas clearance clothes that are either super ugly and didn’t sell or don’t come in the size I need.

It does seem, though, that there are deals to be found online. Wayfair popped up first when I went searching, but I doubt they have $0.30 items available like the local brick and mortar stores. I guess I’ll just stick to my tangible markdowns.

After Christmas clearance sales are a super time- and money-saver for next year. Be the Mom of the Moment by using that to your advantage!


Alright, so you bought up a bunch of awesome stuff, or you’re about to – good for you! Before you leave the store, hunt down the red and/or green plastic totes. They aren’t always on after Christmas clearance, but sometimes you can get lucky. Grab up a couple 18-gallon totes and you’ll have your stuff tucked away for later use. Just don’t forget you’ve got it!

What are your favorite things to snag during the after Christmas clearance sales? Tell me in the comments!

Still Want to Save More?

Extra coupons and discounts won’t normally work on clearance sales, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Find out more ways to save money at the register by clicking here.

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