How to Get Married on a Budget

Our wedding cost less than $125

Hubs and I didn’t do things very traditionally when it came to our wedding. It didn’t help that he was in the military and our available dates were few and far between, not to mention the fact that we really didn’t have the money for a big hoop-di-dah, let alone to cover the average cost of a wedding. So, we improvised, and this is how our wedding cost less than $125.

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Now, I’ve promised to be honest here, so I’ll tell you that we first sat down and hashed out a small ceremony with 75 guests. Complete with color coordination, hors d’oeuvres buffet, photographer, the works.

I had Pinterest boards, started wedding registries, and made a notebook full of ideas. There were multiple cake tastings scheduled and I even made us a wedding website, through one of the registry sites.

I went so far as to try on dresses at David’s Bridal.

We quickly found out that our small ceremony was going to cost upwards of $2,500. $2,500 we didn’t have and didn’t want to spend on a one-time festivity. (Times change, we drop that on a week at Disney World now!)

We opted to go the cheaper route and spend less than $125 to tie the knot. Here’s how the numbers worked out:

How we got married on a budget, made it simple and memorable, tied the knot and aren't in debt! Our wedding cost less than $125!

Our Marriage License Cost…$35.50

A legal requirement. There was no getting around this fee. These prices vary by state, but ours cost $35.50 in Kentucky.

Our Officiant/Location Cost…$50

This was the largest overall expense of our wedding. $50, to be exact. And, I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t pretty. It was a county judge in a Murray State polo, in his ‘Chapel of Love,’ located just behind the county courthouse.

It was quaint and we look back on it and laugh, but it worked. I priced out other locations but the officiants alone were at least $100.

Our Wedding Flowers Cost…$2

I couldn’t not have flowers! A stroll through Publix’s floral department found me a dozen peach roses priced at $9.99, but they rang up $14.99. I noted the error to the cashier who punched a few numbers and gave me the flowers…for free! I nearly cried!

Then, I used what I had in my craft stash, plus some ribbon from Hobby Lobby ($2), to turn those dozen roses into a bouquet for me, two corsages for our two guests, and our wedding cake topper.

Our Wedding Cake Cost…$7

I made this myself with the flour and sugar that we had in our cabinet. The only addition was the cake pan, which I got for $4 at Hobby Lobby. We also bought a bottle of Welch’s sparkling grape juice to toast ($3).

My Wedding Dress Cost…$30

I ordered this through ModCloth and was devastated to find out that it was shipping internationally and would not make it in time for our scheduled wedding date. I chatted with their customer service, who graciously expedited the shipping at no additional charge, and the gorgeous dress showed up just in time. Phew!

[Hubs wore his Army blues for the ceremony, which meant, zero cost.]

Our Wedding Cost…$124.50

No, this wasn’t the dream wedding I envisioned all my life. But that didn’t matter, because I still got to marry the man I love and we’re not in debt from it! Our ceremony may have been simple, but it was definitely memorable.

How we got married on a budget, made it simple and memorable, tied the knot and aren't in debt! Our wedding cost less than $125!

And we plan to renew our vows with a larger hoop-de-dah on our 10th anniversary, when we have more money.

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2 thoughts on “How to Get Married on a Budget

  1. I love this! Good for you guys my husband and I were broke college students when we got married and spent about the same. We got married at the courthouse with two friends as witnesses and had a small reception back at our college married housing apartment, now this was 26 years ago. The thousands of dollars that couples spend on weddings these days can purchase a nice new car or be a hefty down payment on a home.

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