Mother’s Day Love Language – Words of Affirmation

At Mom of the Moment, Mother’s Day is the crown jewel of holidays! And, despite the fact that it falls on different days in different countries, regardless of the date or place, it should be all about Mom. Her sacrifices for the family and dedicated love that consistently radiates toward her children.

Now, I don’t need to tell a Mom how to celebrate Mother’s Day. I’m sure every one has their own grandeur ideas of how the day will go. This post is geared toward:

  • Father’s who need help figuring out what to do for the day,
  • Older children that can put forth their own effort,
  • Mom’s that need to nudge their families in the right direction by printing or sharing this post.

Many of you probably think Mom just wants flowers and brunch, and while those gifts are always welcome and enjoyed, she may truly desire something else. That’s where the five love languages come into play.

The 5 Love Languages

First and foremost, it’s important to figure out what Mom’s Love Language is. Now, if you aren’t familiar with Gary Chapman’s book The 5 Love Languages, let me fill you in.

This genius of an author discovered that there are five types of love that drive people. They are:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Quality Time
  • Acts of Service
  • Physical Touch

Now, the catch to these is that people tend to show love the same way they prefer to receive it. But, 80% of the time, you’re not returning love in the best way possible.

What’s Your Love Language?

If you’re struggling to figure out which of these five is the right love language for you, or your mom, give the test on Chapman’s site a try. You’ll find it here. It won’t take long.

I recommend you encourage your Mom to take the quiz so you can really pinpoint on what Mother’s Day gift would be ideal for her. Chances are, she already knows what her love language is, so striking up a simple conversation about it will help, too.

Now that you’ve figured out what love language your Mom has, you’ll find it easier to ‘speak,’ so to speak. And if you stick with me through April, I’ll share a new post each week that recommends awesome Mother’s Day gift ideas for each love language.

To kick us off, we’ll start with Words of Affirmation.

Need help finding the perfect Mother's Day gift? Learn Mom's Love Language and find gift recommendations for Words of Affirmation here.

Words of Affirmation

People who have Words of Affirmation as their love language appreciate being praised and lifted up in words. Whether it’s spoken or written, they feel loved by being encouraged and assured.

If it turns out that your Mom’s love language is Words of Affirmation, you have several options for a great Mother’s Day gift:

Handwritten Letters

Mom will love if you take the time to put pen to paper and tell her your feelings. If you need help with writing prompts, you can write about:

  • your favorite memory with her
  • a quality of hers that inspires you
  • how she ‘saved the day’ that one time
  • when she did something to show love for you

Bust out the fancy stationery for this letter, too, because it will certainly become a keepsake for her.

Hidden Thank You Notes

Feeling a little short on words? Grab a stack of sticky notes and write reasons you love her, why she’s awesome, or why you’re thankful for her on them and tuck them away around the house. She’ll find them slowly and grin from ear-to-ear each time she does.

Need help finding the perfect Mother's Day gift? Learn Mom's Love Language and find gift recommendations for Words of Affirmation here.

Handmade Cards

Even shorter on words? Make her a card. This is a great idea for a little one with a smaller vocabulary. Arm your little one with paper and crayons to create a beautiful picture accompanied by the words “I love you, Mommy!”

Need help finding the perfect Mother's Day gift? Learn Mom's Love Language and find gift recommendations for Words of Affirmation here.

Time to Talk

Having trouble writing it down? Set aside time to talk with Mom. Still make it a point to hit on a few key aspects, like why you appreciate her and how you love her. You’ll probably want to bring a box of tissues, too, just in case.

Shout Outs on Social Media

Some people like to keep their true feelings tucked inside and don’t express them easily. If that’s the case for you, give Mom a shout out on social media. Let a GIF do the talking, or even an emoji. Tag her in a beautiful Mother’s Day post. This will not only show her you’re thinking of her, but it will also show her friends, and sometimes, that goes a long way for Mom.

Next Week: Receiving Gifts

Come back next week for my post on the ‘Receiving Gifts’ Love Language.

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