Mother’s Day Love Language – Receiving Gifts

Hello, again, folks! If you’re just joining me, you might be interested in my first post of this series that explains the idea behind the Love Languages and how you can figure out what yours is. Read that post here.

If you’ve already figured out your Love Language, let me share with you about the Receiving Gifts language today.

Receiving Gifts

This language is pretty straightforward, to an extent. Basically, you’re tangibly showing how much you love someone.


Michael Scott is a genius on all fronts. And, while he’s not a Mom, he has nailed the Receiving Gifts language.

Handmade Gifts

For the little one’s, handmade gifts are always the best option. Now, as an adult, you could totally gift a flowerpot with your hand print on it, but it might not come off the same way as if a two-year-old did it. For other ideas on handmade gifts, check out Pinterest, or consider:

  • That painted flowerpot I mentioned
  • Dropping by a paint-your-own-pottery store and painting Mom a mug (make sure you’ve got enough time to get it fired)
  • Making a loomed pot holder
  • Stringing some beaded jewelry
  • Crafting a vase from playdough or clay

Self-Care Items

The #selfcare movement has really taken off lately, and Mom’s are definitely at the helm. If Receiving Gifts is her language, she’ll surely love some self-care products. Give the following a try:

  • A new robe or pajamas (that link is, hands down, the best pajamas I’ve ever owned!)
  • Slippers
  • Bath bombs, or anything from Lush
  • Scented lotions
  • Her favorite coffee or tea

Stuff to Make Life Easier

Everyone could use stuff to make their life easier, and Mom is no exception. Think electronics if this is the category you want to pursue.

  • Alexa (the Amazon Echo Dot)
  • A waterproof, bluetooth speaker for the shower (this kind of ties into self-care, too)
  • New cookware, if she’s into that kind of thing*
  • Kitchen appliances, perhaps an Instant Pot*
  • Roomba, so the vacuum can do the work for her*

*It should be noted that not all Mom’s appreciate items like this. It wasn’t until recently that I actually looked forward to kitchen gadgets as gifts. Make sure you really feel Mom out to see if something like this would be up her alley.


When it comes to keepsakes, think about nicer items like jewelry with her children’s birthstones, or engraved objects. Even a keepsake box would be ideal.


Nowadays you can get photos printed on just about anything. Check out the Mother’s Day Collection at Minted for some ideas.

Need help finding the perfect Mother's Day gift? Learn Mom's Love Language and find gift recommendations for 'Receiving Gifts' here.

Next Week: Acts of Service

Come back next week for my post on the ‘Acts of Service’ Love Language. And, remember, if you missed ‘Words of Affirmation’ find it here.

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