Mother’s Day Love Language – Acts of Service

Welcome to #3 of 5 in my Mother’s Day Love Language series. If you’re just joining me, you might be interested in my two posts that can be found here and here.

Today we’re going to discuss the third of five love languages: Acts of Service. If you’ve yet to figure out what your (or Mom’s) love language is, check out the quiz here.

Acts of Service

For the Mom with the Acts of Service Love Language, it’s going to mean a thousand times more to her if you put forth an effort to lighten her load, as opposed to handing her a wrapped gift.

While there are some obvious things you could do as Acts of Service, let me give you a few suggestions below.

Clean the House

Woah, woah! Stop right there. All good intentions aside. If this is what you’re going to do for Mom, make sure it’s done to her liking. And, remember, a clean house pleases all your senses, so make it smell good, too!

If you find yourself stacking things in a pile, stop! If you don’t pull out some sort of cleaner, be it all-natural or otherwise, you’ve done something wrong. Try again!

You should also make sure this is a full house cleaning. Tackle the laundry, mop the floor, clean the toilets. Don’t just vacuum and call it a day. While she’ll appreciate it, nonetheless, if you’re going to tackle this, tackle it correctly.

And, if all else fails, hire someone to do it for you.

Make Dinner

This doesn’t have to be a five-course meal complete with maître d′. On the contrary. Whip up some spaghetti or a one-pan meal that handles itself in the oven. You can even try some of my ground turkey recipes.

The biggest thing here is to make something you’re confident in making, something that won’t burn the house down. Something you plan to wash all the dishes for afterward.

Need help finding the perfect Mother's Day gift? Learn Mom's Love Language and find gift recommendations for Acts of Service here.

Bonus points if it’s one of Mom’s favorite meals.

Regardless, don’t let Mom lift a finger for the meal. Make the food, set the table, wash the dishes. Making dinner is a dance, one that Mom does every night. Take the lead this time.

Clean Her Car

I include this because it’s one thing I enjoy having done for me. Otherwise, I’ll just climb in amongst all the empty Starbucks cups.

Nowadays, it seems there’s a car wash every few blocks, so this act of service has gotten even easier and convenient. Find one that will do the wash and let you use the vacuums afterward.

Just make sure you don’t pitch anything of Mom’s that’s important. If in doubt, just leave it in the car.

Make sure to also dust the dash off and really make the thing shine. You could even throw in an air freshener. I recommend the one’s from Yankee Candle. They are always going on sale for $1.00.

Need help finding the perfect Mother's Day gift? Learn Mom's Love Language and find gift recommendations for Acts of Service here.

Plant Flowers for Her

Gifting flowers is a big one for Mother’s Day, but you could take it a step further and landscape the yard for Mom. Give her a nice little area to relax and read. Maybe include a bench, if you’re really feeling up to it.

Otherwise, plant some marigolds of pansies – small, inexpensive and brightly colored. Any Mom should love them!

Do the Grocery Shopping

I grocery shop about once a week and sometimes I am just over it. Take a page from Mom’s playbook and draft a week’s meal plan, then go get the groceries for it. This would be an awesome gift to receive, if only for the two hours it would save Mom to spend time on herself.

If you need help with the meal plan, Pinterest is the place to go. If you want to get groceries for cheap, read my post about Aldi vs. Lidl. And, if you’re really uncertain of your shopping abilities, give Instacart a try. They’ll bring the groceries right to Mom.

Next Week: Quality Time

Come back next week for my post on the ‘Quality Time’ Love Language. And, remember, if you missed the last two, you can catch them here: ‘Words of Affirmation‘ or ‘Receiving Gifts.’

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  1. I so agree with you about the weekly shopping – I put off shopping for days this week because it is one of the chores I just can’t stand doing!!

    Great tips in this article, thanks for sharing!

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