Mother’s Day Love Language – Physical Touch

Hello, Mom’s and those hunting for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Today is the fifth and final edition of my Mother’s Day Love Language series. If you’re just joining me, you might be interested in my previous posts that can be found here, here, here, and here.

Today we’re going to discuss the fifth of five love languages: Physical Touch. If you’ve yet to figure out what your (or Mom’s) love language is, check out the quiz here.

Physical Touch

This love language is not for someone that prefers folks at a distance. It’s the language of the snuggler, the ‘bubble popper,’ the close talker. This person likes to have others in their business and knows they truly care based on their physical interaction.

And, you guessed it, the best gifts for this love language include touching. And, while that means one thing for a husband and wife, it means something completely different for the person’s other relationships in life.

So, let’s discuss what you could gift to the person with the physical touch love language.

Sit and Talk

This is simple. Have a conversation. It doesn’t have to be heartfelt, but that might help. Maybe give a hand squeeze or a pat on the shoulder. It’s not so much about what you say, as the fact that you’re close and enjoying each other’s company.

Invite Her to Play

This works well for Dad’s looking for something to gift to Mom’s of little ones. Chances are, Mom’s able to sit and play with her kiddos every single day, but perhaps some guided activities would be fun for everyone.

  • Host a competition of LEGO building together.
  • Get in the dirt and play with cars.
  • Build sand castles, if you’re near the beach.

Any sort of group activities work well, too. It’s a chance for fun interaction and physical touch between Mom and her kiddos.

Need help finding the perfect Mother's Day gift? Learn Mom's Love Language and find gift recommendations for Physical Touch here.

Snuggle (Over a Movie)

Just like having a conversation, but without the speaking effort from you. Let something else be the star of the show, so Mom can focus only on the snuggle factor, and maybe the popcorn.

Take a Nap Together

#1 is still a little guy, so it’s common for him to snuggle up for a nap. Now, as he gets older, I’m sure those naps will be few and far between.

Even now as we transition from co-sleeping, I find that I sleep better when he’s next to me. Must be some psychological thing, because the kicks to my kidneys are still not welcome.

The day will come, though, when he nears his teens that he doesn’t want to be near me. But, there will be that time when he does decide to snuggle up and I’ll adore it. Chances are he’ll be sick, and then I’ll get sick, but whatever.

Reminisce in the Rocking Chair

Now, this is a throwback to my Mom. I remember times when I was a kid and she would hold us in the rocking chair. It would usually happen on our birthdays, and, as a kid, I didn’t quite understand it. But as a Mom, I certainly do.

It won’t be long and I’ll want to hold #1 in the rocking chair and reminisce of sweet baby times.

Perhaps, letting your Mom do this, would be just the thing she’d adore for Mother’s Day.

Need help finding the perfect Mother's Day gift? Learn Mom's Love Language and find gift recommendations for Physical Touch here.

Wrapping Up

Well, folks, that’s all the love languages. I hope that among the five of them, you were able to pinpoint the perfect Mother’s Day present for your Mom, your children’s Mom, the Mother-figure in your life, or whomever.

If you need a refresher, use the following links:

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Regardless of what you get your Mom, just remember her this upcoming Mother’s Day. I mean, you wouldn’t be here without her.

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  1. Aw what lovely ideas. Mothers truly deserve the whole world, but I know that they appreciate the smallest of gestures from their children.

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