Netflix Originals Your Child Will Love

If your family is like ours, you turn on Netflix and scroll. And scroll. And. Scroll. And no one can ever decide on a show to watch. But, I’ll save you the time of scrolling because I’ve found three Netflix Original Series’ that your child will love!

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Before you get too far, you should know that these aren’t shows for ‘Date Night In’ or ‘the kids fell asleep early, let’s watch a grown-up movie.’ No, these are far from that.

These are just a few wholesome shows brought to you directly from Netflix and their Netflix Original studios. Shows that you’ll feel comfortable leaving your little one in front of, while you tackle tasks around the house.

3 Netflix Originals Your Kids Don’t Want to Miss

Mighty Little Bheem

New this year, Mighty Little Bheem is a series about a little boy with superhuman strength. With sweet music and sound effects and no speaking roles, it’s a wonder that the show will keep your child’s attention, but it does! It actually keeps my little one completely enthralled.

The episodes are only 5-7 minutes each, but they tell great stories in such a short period. Plus, there are animals in each episode that interact with Bheem. And with an Indian heritage, it will open your child’s mind to other cultures along the way.

There are currently 21 episodes this season and I can only assume they’ll be continuing the series next year.

You can watch a trailer of Mighty Little Bheem here.

True and the Rainbow Kingdom

Despite the songs and catchphrases that will get stuck in your head for days, your child is sure to love True and her sidekick cat, Bartleby. These two lifesavers spend their days fixing problems in and around Rainbow Kingdom, with help from a magical tree that grants wishes.

With a manga-type feel, this style of cartoon will be something different and exciting for your child. Plus, it teaches resourcefulness and creativity to boot.

There are 14 episodes, each 24-minutes long. So, True can definitely fill some time. Not to mention the three spin-offs to her show:

  • True, Magical Friends
  • True, Wonderful Wishes
  • Dance & Sing with True, Songs

You can watch the trailer for True and the Rainbow Kingdom here.

Super Monsters

Imagine a Monster Mash with only children. That’s Super Monsters. A werewolf, a zombie, a witch and more, but all in preschool. These kiddos learn to use their powers along the way and usually have some sort of problem to solve in a 20-minute span.

Not to mention the catchy intro and exit they have when the sun goes down and comes up, causing them to change back into children. But, don’t worry, the show is not scary in the least, but rather humanizes the monsters and shows children that everyone is different, and that’s okay.

With 16 episodes, ranging from 23-25 minutes, these Super Monsters will be sticking around for awhile.

You can catch the Super Monsters trailer here.

Other Netflix Originals

Stop wasting time trying to find something to watch on Netflix. Entertain your little one with these excellent Netflix Originals!

There are loads of other Netflix Original Series’ and Netflix Original Movies to see! Check out all the Netflix Originals here.

Free Trial

Don’t forget, Netflix offers a free, one-month trial of its services. And, if you’ve already taken advantage of the deal, but want to give them another shot, just sign up with a different email address.

Stop wasting time trying to find something to watch on Netflix. Entertain your little one with these excellent Netflix Originals!

You Tell Me…

With so many Netflix Originals offered, you tell me what your favorite kids series’ are in the comments. I’m sure there’s something I haven’t explored yet.

Don’t forget to set screen time limits with your little ones, or schedule in a screen-free weekend, too!

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9 thoughts on “Netflix Originals Your Child Will Love

  1. We love Bheem and Super Monsters!! Netflix is our favorite. We also watching Chuggington and Super Wings, but I’m not sure if those are originals.

  2. What a great idea! Love this post. We watch the ones you just listed, especially Mighty Little Bheem. I think that one really pulls her in because there are no words so you have to pay attention to the action.
    We love watching Motown Magic too. Great music and so cute. Jingle Kids…that one I love lol.

  3. Just wrote some of these suggestions down to try next time my girls watch tv. Mighty Little Bheem seems so good, I think we would try this one first!

    Thank you lovely for sharing!

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