Fall Activity Guide


100 activities to fill your Fall!


Investing in this Fall Activity Guide is going to give you a fun-filled, stress-free autumn with your child.

The beauty of these activities is that each can be adjusted, scheduled, rescheduled, lengthened, and shortened. No one activity depends on another, so you can complete them in any order you desire.

Are Tuesdays swamped for you? No problem, skip Tuesdays and do double activities on Thursdays.

Hate the outdoors? Transition those activities to indoor activities.

Running short on time? Implement the quick tips. Got time to fill? Pull in the talking points.

Trying to find something extra to do? You’re in luck, because this three-month edition comes with 100 activities. That’s one for every day of the season, plus at least a week extra. You will have plenty to do!

Geared for 2- to 10-year-olds, the Activity Guide also includes a calendar to schedule out your time, a shopping list to help make sure you have all your supplies before you begin (spoiler: most the items are already in your house!), and templates or bonus activities with each of the 100 activities.

This is a digital eBook that will download as a PDF. If you’re interested in a print copy, stay tuned! It will be available on Amazon soon.

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