5 Reasons Every Mom Needs Alexa

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For Christmas, Hubs received an Amazon Echo Dot, otherwise known as Alexa, from his sister. Prior to Alexa entering our lives, we weren’t very tech-savvy. Hubs and I both had Android smartphones, a bluray player, and a Ring doorbell, but that’s about as far as it went.

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Once Alexa entered the picture, we wanted everything to be automated and weren’t quite sure how we’d lived without her for so long. She has basically become known as Alexa, Online Virtual Assistant to the Main Mom, around our house.

It sounds silly, but the convenience she gives is fantastic and, admittedly, I use her more than Hubs does.

While the tasks she handles are simple, they are priceless when it comes to saving a Mom’s sanity.

1. Alexa helps with the cooking

Ok, so she doesn’t roll up her sleeves and set to work on a five-course meal, but she answers questions, I’d otherwise Google, like “Alexa, what internal temperature should chicken be cooked to?” or “Alexa, how many cups are in a quart?” And she keeps me from washing my hands every time I need to set a timer. “Alexa, set a timer for 20 minutes.”

2. Alexa helps with discipline

What can I say? Alexa, my online virtual assistant, keeps the peace around here. When #1 wants iPad time, the timer on Alexa gets set. “Alexa, set a timer for 15 minutes.” He knows when she goes off, time is up and the iPad needs to be put away.

Alexa also keeps tally on time out’s. “Alexa, set a timer for two minutes.” And keeps me from having to reset that timer myself when #1 squirms out of his time out chair. “Alexa, reset the timer.”

3. Alexa prepares me for the day

We all know that temperatures fluctuate drastically during the Spring. You start the morning needing a winter coat, and are stripped down to shorts and flip flops by mid-afternoon. Before getting the clothes laid out for the day, I always ask “Alexa, what’s the weather today?” She responds with a current temperature, as well as the day’s forecast, and occasionally an “Enjoy your day.”

4. Alexa plays my jams

Using the Alexa app, I’ve connected my Echo Dot to my Pandora radio and can instantly stream any of my saved stations. “Alexa, play Disney songs on Pandora,” or “Alexa, play the Head and the Heart on Pandora.” I love this feature when I’m cleaning the house or cooking dinner. She’ll skip songs for you, adjust the volume (“Alexa, turn it up”), and pause or stop on a dime.

5. Alexa finds my phone

As a busy mom with a million tasks to tackle each day, my cell phone gets easily misplaced. Sometimes, #1 runs off with it, other times it’s buried in my purse. When I’ve given up the hunt (which, let’s be honest, means I’ve looked for 30 seconds without success), I turn to Alexa. “Alexa, call my phone.” A few moments later I can hear my ringtone playing from somewhere in the couch cushions.

If you’ve always got your ringer off and phone set to vibrate, there’s even a program in the Alexa app where it will force your phone to make noise when you can’t find it. Genius! Though, I have yet to try that option, because my volume is always cranked to 11.

Another Note:

You can change her name! A lot of people don’t know this, but all you have to do is ask her. This helps in instances where you already have someone named Alexa at home.

What does she do for you?

If you’ve already got one of your own Alexa, Online Virtual Assistant’s to your awesome Momness, tell me in the comments what your favorite capability of hers is. I’d love to learn new tricks for her.

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4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Every Mom Needs Alexa

  1. I actually had an Alexa, but unplugged her as she was listening to my husband and I talk without us initiating her. Have you had a similar experience? It does sound like the good may outweigh the bad though!

    1. Every now and then she’ll think #1 is talking to her, but it’s usually just the way he strings words together. I’d say the good definitely outweigh the bad! Thanks for sharing!

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