Final Friday Roundup – February 2019

Hi, Moms! As I embark on this blogging adventure, I intend to share a monthly roundup with you, to make sure you haven’t missed any of the fun stuff I’ve posted. You can look for it the final Friday of every month.

Mom Club Coming Soon!

As my readership increases, I intend to form a Mom Club (catchy name to be created and inserted later). That Mom Club will be privy to special updates and discounts via email, along with awesome giveaways each month.

You’ll only need to sign up for the club once to be included in each month’s drawing, but you’ll get your name in the pot extra times if you invite others to the club each month.

I’m aiming to start the giveaways in March. So stay tuned for that! In the meantime, take a minute to catch up on all the February posts. And, thank you, for supporting me thus far. You are awesome!

How to Keep it Keto for the Super Bowl: For the Superbowl we stuff our faces with carbs, sugar, fried stuff, and deliciousness. This year our diet is restricting us to a keto Superbowl.

“End the Sick, Quick!” Kit: Plan ahead for impending colds and flus. There’s nothing worse than being stranded and feeling icky. This quick list will help you prepare to feel better.

Why I Give my Child a Valentine’s Day Gift: If you’re like me, your child’s entry into the world sealed their spot as your #1 Valentine! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your child.

10 Ways to Save Money on Valentine’s Day: Whether money is an issue or not, it doesn’t hurt to save a buck. Let me help you out a little with 10 ways to save money on Valentine’s Day.

Jell-o Cookies: You probably have most, if not all, of the ingredients in your pantry. They’re called Jell-o Cookies, so I feel the name brand is necessary.

Aldi vs. Lidl: The Ultimate – Discount Grocer – Comparison Shopping Showdown! Who will win out: Aldi or Lidl? Get my 411 on both stores here.

House Cleaning Checklist: When things have gotten out of hand, piled up, and ultra dusty. Someone has to put forth the effort to tackle things. As Mom, that someone is usually me.

Family-Friendly St. Patrick’s Day: Tips and tricks for a family-friendly, booze-free St. Patrick’s Day! Easy, inexpensive activities for you and your toddler.

Easy, Inexpensive Magnolia Wreath: Wow without the effort! 15-minutes and $8 to an easy, inexpesive magnolia wreath. Your door will look great and make you the envy of the neighborhood!

There you have it, Moms! Enjoy your catch-up and let me know which post was your favorite in the comments below. See you next month with an awesome giveaway!

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