Back to School Supplies You Should Stock Up On

I could write post after post about the awesome prices you can get on Back to School supplies, but you can just pop your head into any box store and see for yourself. Rather, I’m going to tell you what deals to take advantage of and why.

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Post-It Notes

These token, sticky squares are great for leaving random, quick notes wherever you need a random, quick note. I mean, that’s why they were invented. These notes are great for Back to School season, but they can also be used to:

  • Cover the sensor on automatic toilets. I know #1 freaks out when the toilet flushes on its own, what 3yo wouldn’t? So, Post-It Notes come in super handy to stop the toilet from flushing. Just pop a square of them in your purse and pull one note out anytime you need to cover up an automatic sensor. Your newly potty trained child will thank you!
  • Makeshift file folder labels or binder dividers. If I have an object that can pull double duty, you better believe I’m going to do that rather than dish out another buck or two. In this case, I use construction paper or cardstock I have lying around and adhere Post-It Notes just over the edge to make tabs like dividers. The same works when you’ve run out of those little plastic do-dad’s and tiny, white rectangles you use to label your file folders. No need to buy more, just pop a Post-It Note in its place.
  • Leave words of affirmation around the house, like I suggest in my Father’s Day post. Who doesn’t love finding sweet notes tucked in cupboards and on mirrors?
  • Make DIY flip books with your children. Post-It Notes are the perfect size and structure to easily create a fun, flip book.
  • Plan your month. Use one Post-It Note for each day and form a calendar on the wall. Whether you use it for organizing the entire month, or simply to do your meal planning, it’s a quick way to see the big picture.
Now is the time to buy in bulk! With multiple uses for every sale item, you'll make the most of your Back to School haul.

Crayons & Markers

There is nothing worse than broken crayons and dried out markers in your craft stash. Use Back to School shopping as your opportunity to stock up on these essentials for mere quarters.

Now, as a Mom, I doubt you need suggestions on how to use your markers and crayons, but here’s a few:

  • Melt your crayons. All the rage a few years ago, this is still a fun project for kids and grown-ups alike. So grab your hair dryer and a blank canvas and set to work creating some gorgeous artwork for your playroom.
  • Tree rubbings are a great use of crayons and an excellent way to teach textures to a young child. Whether you’re using your old, broken crayons, or some fresh one’s straight from the box, it’ll work great! Just peel the paper off each crayon and find some funky textures. Place a blank piece of paper between the crayon and the texture and get to doodling. Purchase some $1 frames at your local dollar store to turn these rubbings into art.
  • Dot art is a perfect activity when you have brand new markers that haven’t had the tips destroyed from fierce coloring. You can create your own design from scratch or get an example in my Summer Activity Workbook.
Now is the time to buy in bulk! With multiple uses for every sale item, you'll make the most of your Back to School haul.

Glue – Sticks & Bottles

Again, all things crafty. Check out my Pinterest boards for some ideas.

Index Cards

We go through a lot of index cards in our house. Let me rephrase that. Hubs goes through a lot of index cards in our house. So much so, that despite stocking up during Back to School season, he usually needs more by January and I cross my fingers that I can find some on the clearance shelves.

Hubs uses index cards for everything, like:

  • To-Do Lists. Each Monday he takes time to set-up his to-do list for the week on an index card. Now, as Mom’s, our to-do lists would most likely take multiple index cards per day, but you get the gist. Bonus if you buy up brightly colored index cards because they’re easy to find lying around the house. It’s much better than hunting for a 3″x5″ square of white paper amongst the chaos.
  • Grocery Lists. With the lined side, index cards work nicely for grocery lists. You can meal plan on the blank side and write out your necessary ingredients on the lined side. Double duty. Plus, it’s easier to cross things off your list at the store, because index cards are a little thicker than traditional note paper.
  • Learning Activities. Index cards work great as flash cards, and in today’s world, that’s probably their number one use. As a Mom, with a growing child, they work great for learning activities. Trying to learn the alphabet by sight? Write the letters on index cards. The same goes for numbers, easy sight words, even colors and shapes.


We usually grab up a few spiral-bound notebooks during Back to School season and they get filled with random nonsense as time goes on. You can easily do the same. Some of my nonsense includes:

  • Financial tracking. I kept tabs on our last move’s expenses in a spiral-bound notebook, and it helped come tax season, too.
  • Christmas lists. I tend to keep minimal tabs on this in my phone, but it’s nice to have a full list of who wants what, who gets what, and how much everything cost.
  • Party plans. Whether it’s a sketch of the decor, a brainstorm of the games and favors, or a list of folks to invite, my spiral-bound notebook always comes in handy.
  • Journaling. If you’re into bullet journals and need a fancy, gilded journal to keep your notes, I don’t blame you. If not, or you’re just giving it a try, a $0.25 spiral-bound notebook is the perfect place to start. Take a minute each day and write about what makes you happy, or jot notes about what you did. Years from now, nay, decades, your ancestors will want to know.
  • My next big idea! As I’ve mentioned here, I’m always coming up with ideas. If I don’t write them down, I’ll move onto the next big idea and forget about the first one.
Now is the time to buy in bulk! With multiple uses for every sale item, you'll make the most of your Back to School haul.

What Are You Going to Buy?

Now that you know alternative uses for these mundane objects, and you’ve paired that with the fact that everything can be purchased for less than a dollar during the Back to School season, what are you waiting for? What are you going to buy?

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2 thoughts on “Back to School Supplies You Should Stock Up On

  1. Our son doesnt require much as far as school supplies. We are lucky that the school provides nearly everything they need. I have to say, I love the idea of using post-it notes to stop automatic toilets from flushing. I am going to use that trick myself – nothing worse than the toilet randomly flushing on you.

  2. When I was studying French I covered items in the whole house with post-it notes with the name of the object in French. It was very helpful for learning vocabulary words 😃
    My husband uses tons of them for lists!

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