10 Ways to Make This School Year a Success

The school year is upon us and with that comes a lot of stress, for Mom and child alike. Implement these tips to make the school year run smoothly and be successful.

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1. Get Some Rest

I know, easier said than done. But getting both you and your child on a schedule will:

  • 1) avoid the crankiness from lack of sleep,
  • 2) encourage you to eat better, and
  • 3) help you process new information.

All of which are things that complement learning.

If you’re having trouble getting on a schedule, check out my printable family schedule. It’s not geared toward the school year, but you can make adjustments for your time frames.

And, if you’re struggling to sleep. I’ve got a post for that, too: Get on a Sleep Schedule and Wake Rested. It’s got just the app you need to help you reach peak restfulness.

2. Breathe Fresh Air

There’s nothing better to clear your head when you’re stressed than taking a breather. And, the fresher the air, the better. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list or general responsibilities, take a minute to find your zen again.

Whether you go for a walk at the park, around your neighborhood, or just to the mailbox, you’ll feel so relieved when you head back indoors to tackle whatever it is you need to tackle.

Understand that your child may need this, too. They’ve been cooped up in a classroom all day, and going straight from that to being cooped up at home can really add to a person’s stress.

Let them hang out in the yard for a bit or take the dog for a walk. Perhaps the whole family could take a walk around the neighborhood after dinner. It might not work everyday, but it’s worth a shot.

3. Participate in Recreation

While you’re out getting fresh air, why not join a club or team with your local parks and recreation department? Even the YMCA. Many offer, not only, youth sports but adult recreational leagues as well.

Spending some of your time doing recreation will allow you to:

  • Unwind
  • Focus easier
  • Get exercise
  • Make friends

And so much more! Honestly, the benefits of recreation are endless! Physical, mental, social, you name it. Don’t get me started!

Everything you need to know to make this school year a success for you and your child. All the tips to save your sanity and sail to summer!

4. Have Down Time

Spend some time each day doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. Put your phone down, turn off the television, just sit. Let your brain unwind from your responsibilities. Recoup. You owe this to yourself.

If your child looks bored, perhaps this is what they’re doing. Don’t force them into another activity or back to work. Let them rest mentally and physically. They’ll bounce back at 100% after only a few minutes, I’m sure.

You might take longer to recharge fully.

5. One Weekend Day Without Work

Whether it’s Saturday or Sunday, set one day aside each weekend where your child doesn’t have to worry about the school year.

As employees, we’re working for the weekend in most instances, right? Your child is doing the same. Give them that time to unwind and focus on recreation and resting.

  • Let them stay up late watching movies.
  • Let them sleep in and eat sugary, far-from-nutritional cereal for breakfast.
  • Take them on an adventure.

Need more ideas? Check out my post on 48 Activities for a Screen-Free Weekend.

6. Set Guidelines

Despite giving your child (and yourself, for that matter) some freedom to relax, there still have to be a few guidelines to make things run smoothly.

  • 1) Assignments have to be completed on time.
  • 2) Homework time is homework time. If you don’t have homework, do some reading.
  • 3) Screen time is only allowed after all daily homework has been completed.
  • 4) Honesty is required when it comes to assignments. No lying about having finished homework.

Surprisingly, the same guidelines can be set for you, Mom. I mean, we’re here to role model good behavior, right?

Make a task list for yourself and don’t allow yourself screen time or social media until your tasks are complete.

I will say, this gets tricky when you’re a blogger that spends time promoting your posts on social media. It’s hard to focus on scheduling posts when your notifications are running amok. But, focus is the key.

7. Set Up a Homework Station

If you’re a Mom like me, you’ve got a little area of the house where you keep track of everything. It’s your command center. A calendar, the bills to be paid, coupons, reminders, the like. Your child needs the same.

Give them a special area where they can complete their homework, keep track of what’s coming up, and display their accomplishments.

  • Provide them with a calendar and show them recommended ways to keep track of things. But, don’t get upset when they track their to-do list completely different than you.
  • Give them a cork board and colorful paper for reminders.
  • Hang up some frames that they can easily change the contents of, to display their latest accomplishments.

Organization is key to success, and the same goes whether you’re a 30-something Mom or a child in school.

Everything you need to know to make this school year a success for you and your child. All the tips to save your sanity and sail to summer!

8. Eat Healthy

Little Debbie’s and frozen foods are great. They’re quick and inexpensive, however, they’re not the healthiest option for you or your child.

And they’re not brain food, that’s for sure!

Swap out those delectable Debbie’s for:

  • Apples and peanut butter
  • Pita and hummus
  • Plain yogurt and berries
  • Granola bars (but the check the ingredients, many are basically the equivalent to candy bars)
  • Homemade trail mix
  • Pretzels and Nutella

You’ll gain more protein and energy from these snacks than you ever would from a snack cake.

But, you can always save the snack cakes for those days off on the weekends. No need to let them go to waste.

9. Discuss What They’re Learning

It’s important to stay involved in your child’s life. I think we all know that by now. So, strike up conversation over dinner. Find out what they learned at school and ask questions about it.

Certainly you don’t recall everything from fifth grade. I mean, they made a game show about that fact. Let your child teach you. You’ll become involved in their learning and help them retain the knowledge they’ve garnered.

For that matter, tell them about your day. Maybe leave out any social media drama or struggles, but tell them what you’re tasks and goals are. Remember, we’re role models.

10. Plan Vacation

One of my favorite things to do when work gets stressful is to daydream and plan vacation. I think there comes a time when we all hate work and figure up how many vacation days we have accrued.

Your child gets stressed, too, and giving them the chance to help plan the family vacation will give them something to look forward to and work toward.

Go a step further and make a countdown for their homework station, complete with a photo of where you’re going. It will be great motivation!

Everything you need to know to make this school year a success for you and your child. All the tips to save your sanity and sail to summer!

It’s Going to Be Great!

Now that you know the tricks to make the school year successful, get out there and rock it!

  • Get some rest
  • Breathe fresh air
  • Participate in recreation
  • Have down time
  • One weekend day without work
  • Set guidelines
  • Set up a homework station
  • Eat healthy
  • Discuss what they’re learning
  • Plan vacation

Tell your Mom friends, too, cause we’re all in this together.

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