Your Complete Guide to Summer Fun!

Summer is in full swing and whether or not your kids are driving you crazy, you probably stress everyday as to how to fill the time with fun activities for them.

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You’ve started scrolling through Pinterest, trying desperately to wade through the masses to find something, anything, that will keep your kiddos entertained.

I’m sure you’ve found loads of options, and once you get to the blog they’re posted on, close out a half dozen pop-ups and email list requests and finally find the activity description, you see that it takes forever to complete and is super complicated.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So, you lucky lady, I’ve done the hard work for you. I’ve filled an entire eBook with fun, easy activities!

My Summer Activity Workbook!

Nothing requires hard-to-find supplies. Nothing takes too long. In fact, each activity is broken down for you, complete with printable templates.

The Breakdown

Activities are not dependent on any other. In fact, you can complete them in any order you like. You can schedule them, reschedule them, shorten them and lengthen them.

Let me tell you how this works:

Each workbook comes with a full list of the activities included. The Summer Workbook includes 100 activities (you get a week’s extra when you purchase in bulk); June has 30 activities and July and August come with 31 each.

The activities are broken down into categories: Adventure, Arts & Crafts, Cooking, Education, Media, Outdoors, and Pretend Play.


Each activity is listed in the Table of Contents, as well as on an Activity Sheet. The sheet includes small squares that, when cut out, fit nicely into the calendar that comes with the download.

Print, cut and attach each activity when and where you want to accomplish it. The beauty of this is you can move the activities around however and whenever you like.

Was Tuesday super busy? Reschedule that activity for Thursday.


In order to decide what activities you want to complete when, you may want to take a look at the supply lists and time frames that are included on each activity.

Most of the supplies you’ll find around your house and in your craft stash. There are a few random things you might not have lying around, but they’ll be inexpensive to pick up the next time you are out, otherwise look for an asterisk on the main Supply List (only available with the full Summer workbook) to see which items are optional or have alternatives.

Time Frames

The time frames are rough for each activity. Depending on how you accomplish tasks and how productive your child is being will ultimately determine how long an activity takes.

Most activities include set-up time, the activity time, and clean-up time. Some include dry time if paint or glue are involved.

Now, I know that some days are tougher than others and there’s just not enough time in the day. If that happens, and you still want to get your activity in, take a note from the Quick Tips section. You can usually cut your time frames in half if you implement the suggestions there.

On the contrary, if you’ve got time to kill and hours to fill, consider using the Talking Points. Not only will you get to understand your child’s perspective on the activity, but you might spur an awesome idea for another activity later on.


Directions are included on each activity. However, if you just don’t understand what I’m trying to say, email me at I’m happy to help!

Bonus Tips

You’ll also notice pink circles throughout the activities. Those just give you a little more to go off. Simple suggestions to really up your ‘Mom of the Moment’ game.

And, don’t worry, just because it’s a Summer Workbook doesn’t mean the fun will end when Summer does. I’ll be back with my Fall edition before you know it.

Individual Months

If you’re not looking to fill an entire summer, or just want to give this a go to see how your child likes it, you can purchase individual months.

Now, the full Summer Activity Workbook comes with extras that aren’t included in the monthly versions, and it’s a better deal, at $9.99 for three months, with a total of 100 activities.

But, the monthly versions can be purchased for $4.99 each and include 30-31 activities.

Plus, if you end up loving the monthly version (which I know you will), you can always come back and purchase the other months.

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  1. This is awesome! My focus is actually about Mom and Baby Activities and I can relate to this! I’m currently doing a round up post on Summer Activities.

  2. What a good idea. I am always looking for fun things to do with my kiddo, and being a working mom makes it hard to plan out a bunch of activities. Thanks for doing the work for me!!

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