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8 Things You Must Do to Land That Dream Job!

Despite being a full-time mom and blogger, I am also the bread winner for our family. Lately, I’ve found myself looking for more exciting, fulfilling employment and I have a few tips about the job search process.

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Today, I’ll tell you tips for how I search for jobs. If you’re looking for interviewing tips, look here. But first, let me tell you about my background:

My Background

I started school in Broadcast Journalism, switched to Photojournalism, and dropped out of college due to lack of funding. I waited a lot of tables and worked at summer camps.

Finally, I snagged a job in advertising sales at a small newspaper and was quickly promoted to editor/publisher/photographer/sales/journalist of my own weekly community publication.

Enter the recession in 2007-2008. Back to serving and summer camps.

When I turned 26 and was financially independent on the FAFSA, I was ready to return to school and chose to study something I was passionate about.

Now, I have a BS in Recreation and Sport Management from Indiana State University and a MS in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management from Clemson University.

I have worked for seven local governments in the last seven years and have held various positions from Recreation Coordinator to Special Event Supervisor to Aquatic Center Supervisor. Most recently, Recreation Center Supervisor.

Either way, I’m unhappy in this job, and really want a better one, so here’s what I’m doing:

8 Tips You Must Do While Job Searching

1. Indeed

  • Set up an account with
    • Search for local jobs that will make ends meet, but also search for dream jobs and jobs that will get you to your dream job.
    • If you create an account, they will email you regarding your saved searches and will recommend other opportunities you might not have seen.

2. Government Jobs

  • Set up an account with
    • This might not be for you, but if you work in the public sector, it is. Or, if you’re thinking of entering the public sector.

3. Other Organizations

4. LinkedIn

  • Update your LinkedIn profile.
    • I haven’t had much success from their job postings, nor have I put much time into searching them. But, prospective employers will most likely look for you on there.
Eight easy tips to implement while job hunting, because Mom of the Moment may entail a full-time job, too. It's not easy, but I'll help make it easier.

5. Social Media

  • Make your Facebook page private.
    • Mine is already set to private and always has been. If yours isn’t, you need to set it to private while you’re job searching. That goes for other social media sites as well. You never know what will pop up when an employer searches for you. Better to just hide it all in the meantime.

6. Google

  • Google yourself.
    • Just like the social media privacy thing, there may be things about you on google that you don’t want a prospective employer to see. Look for yourself and try to get whatever shouldn’t be seen, removed.

7. Gossip

  • Spread the word.
    • No one wants to tell others that they’re unemployed or looking to leave their current employer. There’s usually talk and it makes you feel guilty and people may look at you as a failure. Yep – all those emotions here! Anyway, telling others isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, I found out about a great opportunity by a friend seeing a job posting and recommending I apply.

8. Outfit

  • Make sure your suit pants fit.
    • This sounds silly, but it’s true. Make sure your dressy outfit actually fits, and do it before you’re getting dressed for your first interview. While my suit jacket still fits, I had to swap out my suit pants for a smaller pair since they had been purchased soon after the birth of #1. On the bright side, the new ones are more stylish than the old pair though.
Eight easy tips to implement while job hunting, because Mom of the Moment may entail a full-time job, too. It's not easy, but I'll help make it easier.

Go Forth and Conquer!

Try these tips out on your job search and let me know how it goes. I wish you luck on your hunt. If you have any other suggestions for job searching, please comment below.

And don’t forget to read my post on nailing the interview here.

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