Tips for Disney World Savings

There are loads of sites out there that will tell you how to get Disney World savings. Most of them include knowing someone, having some amazing credit card, or lucking into winning a trip.

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This is not one of those posts.

While we are very blessed, we aren’t lucky enough to win a trip, we have one credit card that doesn’t reward us very well, and we don’t know anyone, anywhere, really.

We are also about to embark on our second multi-day Disney trip in one year. Let me tell you how…

A Quick Bio

In case you haven’t been following along until now, we are a family of three. There’s Hubs, me, and #1 who is almost three-years-old.

All the information is based on that, so keep in mind, your trip will vary in cost based on how large or small your group is.

Overall Cost + Itinerary

Let’s start off with the cost of the vacation and what we’re actually getting. Then, I’ll tell you how I winnowed down the expense, and got some massive Disney World savings, slowly but surely.

After our first visit several months ago, we knew the mistakes we’d made and what we really wanted this time around:

  • We wanted to be on park property. (On Trip 1, we stayed at a resort near Disney Springs and spent about two hours a day riding their shuttle to and from the parks. We wasted a lot of time!)
  • We wanted the meal plan. (Previously, I nickel and dimed our meals to stay within budget. I didn’t want that stress again.)
  • We wanted at least one day in each park. (Because we couldn’t decide which of the four to rule out, if we opted for only three days.)
  • We wanted magic bands. (The convenience of having everything on your wrist is genius! On Trip 1, I was constantly shuffling through my bag for park entrance/fast pass cards, my debit card, our room key, etc.)
If you think a trip to Disney World is out of your budget, this post is for you. Let me tell you how we got Disney World savings in the hundreds!

Authorized Disney Vacation Planner

I started the planning process by contacting someone else to do it for me: Magical Vacations Travel. I completed an online quote request and was shortly greeted via email by Angela, who took care of all of our demands and even threw in some bonuses! To top it off, there was absolutely no charge to have her do this for us!

MVT got us the following package: Disney resort on property for four-nights, four-days in the parks, the Table Service Disney dining plan for both Hubs and I (with refillable mugs), parking at the resort, and tickets to Typhoon Lagoon.

[Remember, #1 gets free entry to the parks and can eat for free at buffets, hence why the Table Service plan was important! Not to mention, the amazing food at places like 1900 Park Fare and Tusker House. Places we’ve been talking about since we got home last time.]

Angela set it up so we basically just have to roll in and have a blast! I’m thrilled, as this was much less stressful then when I tried to piece everything together on my own.

So, I did some calculating and if I’d made these plans on my own, this package would have cost us at least:


That’s a pretty hefty amount for four days of fun, so, naturally, I figured out ways to minimize it and garner some awesome Disney World savings.

Magical Vacations Travel

I told you all about Magical Vacations Travel above, but I didn’t tell you the rate they got me. The total package came out to be:


After just a few emails to hash out the details, we immediately saved over $375!

An awesome deal, however, I couldn’t accept that as our final amount, even with such a bargain. So I started doing some research on how we could save even more money!

Rebates and Offers for Disney World Savings

Disney Gift Cards

Since MVT said I could pay the balance with Disney gift cards, I decided to do just that. Especially when I found out that I could get them discounted at Sam’s Club.

I bought two $1,000 Disney gift cards for $969.96 each. Another quick savings of $60.08!


This was unexpected but I came across a deal through Hyundai where you get a $50 gift card for test driving a car.

I had to go to the Hyundai dealer for a repair anyway, so I did the test drive (which took about 40-minutes), and received a Visa gift card in my email.

Landry’s Select Club

This a ‘club’ that includes various popular restaurants located in touristy towns. Think Bubba Gump’s. Or in this case, the T-Rex Restaurant at Disney Springs. In order to join the club, you have to pay $25. But you get that back as a Welcome Reward that you can use on your first visit.

You also get priority seating (you don’t need a reservation), and you get a $25 Birthday Reward. Which means, since our trip coincides with a birthday, we’ll technically get $50 to spend at this restaurant.

The catch is that you can’t use both rewards at once, but that’s okay, because they have an awesome volcano-themed dessert that we can get for free one night and go back the next day for a free appetizer for lunch.

While this doesn’t deduct any money from our overall cost, it does give us a free $25 for a treat at Disney Springs.

If you think a trip to Disney World is out of your budget, this post is for you. Let me tell you how we got Disney World savings in the hundreds!



Shopkick is an app where you get ‘kicks’ for going into stores and scanning or purchasing things. For every 6,250 kicks you get, you can earn a $25 Disney gift card. So, every time we go to a store with a toy department, I send Hubs and #1 that way, while I run around scanning items for kicks. By the time the trip gets here, I’ll have 12,500 kicks and will cash them in for a $50 gift card.


InboxDollars is another app I’ve used to make some cash. It’s one of those survey sites, but you can also earn money for playing games, watching videos, and searching the internet. It’s a super slow ROI, but hey, I made $30 from it.

If you think a trip to Disney World is out of your budget, this post is for you. Let me tell you how we got Disney World savings in the hundreds!

Side Hustles


I tried my hand at freelance editing, since I have a background in that, but I found the clientele to be less than friendly. I gave up that side hustle after making $36 for writing one press release and editing one paper.

Total Tally

We began with a bill of $2,339.84

-$376.50 (the package deal from Magical Vacations Travel)

-$60.08 (Sam’s Club discount gift cards)

-$50 (Hyundai test drive)

-$50 (Shopkick)

-$30 (InboxDollars)

-$36 (UpWork)

In all, our four-night resort stay, four-day theme park tickets, Table Service Disney Dining plan (with refillable mugs), parking at the resort, and entry to Typhoon Lagoon will cost us a grand total of:


That’s over $600 in Disney World savings! Not to mention the $25 towards a meal at the T-Rex Restaurant at Disney Springs.

If you think a trip to Disney World is out of your budget, this post is for you. Let me tell you how we got Disney World savings in the hundreds!

I’d say we did pretty good getting this trip scheduled! Now, hopefully we won’t get the Disney Blues too terribly bad when we get home. Who am I kidding? We’ll be planning our next trip by the Fall.

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